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Arsene Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes (EN)

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From the books that inspired the new Netflix series Lupin with Omar Sy. After Arsene Lupin is suspected of yet another grand theft with a mysterious blonde accomplice, the Parisienne police are at their wits' end. Time to call in Sherlock Holmes. Will France's greatest thief be able to outwit England's most famous detective or has he finally met his match? Two fast-paced adventures full of twists and turns, "The Blonde Lady" and "The Jewish Lamp" will keep readers thrilled as two of literature's most cunning heroes finally come face to face.

Jazyk: English
Vydavateľ: SAGA Egmont
Autor: Maurice Leblanc
Rozprávač: B. J. Harrison
Kategória: Dobrodružné romány
Typ: Audiobook
Dĺžka: 7:02 h
10,87 €