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Why Is the Mind Attached? – Saanen 1974 (EN)

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Listen to talks from J. Krishnamurti's Saanen gathering in Switzerland, 1974. This talk: Why Is the Mind Attached? – 1 August 1974 • Q: Why is it so difficult to be free from attachment? • Why is the mind attached to an ideal, a nationality, a person, experience, opinions and gods? • Why does the mind cripple itself with attachments? • Is attachment a living thing that is going on or is it a remembrance of the past? • If attachment is a continuation of the past, what is a relationship between two people? • Tomorrow is what has been yesterday, modified.

Jazyk: English
Vydavateľ: SAGA Egmont
Autor: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Rozprávač: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Kategória: Filozofia
Typ: Audiobook
Dĺžka: 1:16 h
8,99 €