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Ultimate Ryan Holiday

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Audiobook Ultimate Ryan Holiday contains summaries by 4minute books of the following titles: Stillness Is The Key, Courage Is Calling, Audiobooks on marketing insight, Trust Me, I’m Lying, and Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday, and Lives Of The Stoics, by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

Jazyk: English
Vydavateľ: reading.fm
Autor: Ryan Holiday, Stephen Hanselman
Rozprávač: Andy Mayis, Christine Sinacore, Craig Trayler, Ian Pringle
Kategória: Osobný rozvoj, Filozofia
Typ: Audiobook
Dĺžka: 0:39 h
5,00 €


Ryan Holiday is a marketer, a businessman, and a podcaster and one of the world's most significant authors promoting ancient philosophy and its application in modern life.
These summaries of 5 hand-picked Four Minute Books were selected to help you understand Holiday’s view of life, business, and philosophy.
What will you find in the Ultimate Ryan Holiday package:
Audiobooks bringing stoicism in our lives

Stillness Is The Key by Ryan Holiday
Courage Is Calling by Ryan Holiday
Lives Of The Stoics by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

Audiobooks on marketing insight

Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday
Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

Four Minute Books are summaries of books by renowned authors. Each summary takes just a few minutes to listen to and gives you the basic information about the book, overview of its content, points out the most important ideas, and brings interesting quotes. Please note - Four Minute Books are not the complete and unabridged version of the mentioned books.
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